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Treasurer/Secretary Diane

EMERGENCY Badger Helpline 

(S. Yorks) Phone 07722590184

Use the above number at any time for emergency response, such as injured or distressed badgers.

You can dial the above number at any time if our urgent input is required.

To report a dead badger, please wait until morning.

To ask our advice, or to get in touch with our committee members please ring at a sensible time, remembering that the helpline phone is manned by volunteers who have their own lives to live.  

If you believe that a crime is in progress, dial 999 then let us know


North Sheffield Rep. Graham. See helpline no.

South Sheffield Rep Dave 07779 192030 

Alternatively you can use this contact form opposite.

Enter your email address and give as much detail as possible. 

Your message will be relayed to the appropriate person who will reply as soon as possible.