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Welcome to South Yorkshire Badger Group.

We are a registered charity (No. 1039884) and affilliated to Badger Trust.

We are dedicated to the welfare, conservation, study, monitoring and public awareness of badgers.

We liaise with police, RSPCA, wildlife organisations, councils, planners and individuals with regard to badger issues. We can offer advice to members of the public on badger related matters.

We provide physical protection for vulnerable badger setts and fight against badger baiting.

We campaign against the badger cull and stand against snaring of any animal. You can take part in our ongoing campaigns via the petitions linked from the 'New Stuff' section.

Badger Helpline for South Yorkshire 07722590184

via Paypal.


Test case puts the onus of proof on the prosecution if a supposed trespasser is investigating a possible crime.

Note well if you check for blocked setts etc. See New Stuff.

Badger Trust condemns the appointment of badger cull supporters as Vice Presidents of Somerset Wildlife Trust


The Badger Trust is deeply concerned by the appointment of Michael Eavis and Tory MP Rebecca Pow as Vice Presidents to the Somerset Wildlife Trust, both of whom are known to support badger culling and bloodsports.


“These appointments are incomprehensible to anyone genuinely concerned about wildlife issues in Britain today,” says Dominic Dyer, CEO of the Badger Trust. “This is a complete betrayal of the fundamental values of conservationists and the vast majority of the public."


The announcement has caused an immediate storm on social media with many Trust members threatening to resign or cancel their subscriptions.


“We normally have very good working relationships with all the wildlife organisations,” continues Dominic Dyer, “but this decision has made us seriously consider on what basis that can continue with Somerset Wildlife Trust. Their logo very conspicuously features a badger yet now we have two notoriously anti-badger and pro bloodsports individuals, not only as the public face of the organisation but also presumably influencing policy.”


“There is a widely accepted myth that the bloodsports industry is somehow committed to nature conservation,” added Badger Trust Chairman, Peter Martin, “which is something that the public are becoming increasingly sceptical of. Badgers in particular are suffering greatly from killing and persecution by the farming and landowning sector in the pursuit of profit and the control of a disease they themselves have spread to our wildlife.”


“We cannot imagine what was in the Somerset WT’s minds when they made these appointments,” concludes Peter Martin, “it’s been a terrible error of judgement that is hugely damaging to their reputation and could well lead to a catastrophic fall in membership and public support. We hope they will reconsider their decision as a matter of urgency because we need wildlife trusts to be run by people who really understand wildlife.”


For more information, please contact Dominic Dyer on 07876 596233, emaildominicdyer@aol.com or Susan Tierney on 01342 834425 alt. 07854008943, emailsusan.tierney@badgertrust.org.uk.

 We suffer the exagerated claims about shoot numbers and "anecdotal" stories of miraculous reductions of TB in the cull zones. But from first hand experience I can state that many badgers have escaped death thanks to the tremendous efforts of the Badger Army, patrolling the fields night after night.

Chief Vet Recommends halt to Badger Cull. See https://www.change.org/p/wildlife-naturalengland-org-uk-natural-england-must-not-licence-the-badger-cull?recruiter=85025104&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink

Have a look at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cm95d-gZkD0&feature=youtu.be. Hilarious!

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Badger Trust Report - Demonisation of badgers leads to persecution. See New Stuff.

Royal Agricultural University Beagle Hunters Attack Hunt Sabateurs. Badger Trust immediately cancel their AGM scheduled at the college.

What does the Vetinary Association really think when not being told what to think? See Graham's observations in New Stuff.

NFU Versus Anti-Cull. Debates conclude 87% against Cull. See New Stuff.

Public interest found to be in favour of disclosure of secret badger cull policy documents See New Stuff

Other snippets.

Lessons learned from Cull Trials. How Big is the TB Problem? Farmers can Move Cattle without Testing. EU Debate. Wildlife CrimeBadgers Not Guilty. See New Stuff.

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